Flexeole is a new form of wind control, based on innovative rotor technology, offering

  • Renewable energy, no emissions, limited landscape impact.
  • Flexible high-availability energy, allowing customers to free themselves from the grid.
  • Competitive energy, reducing customers’ bills

Three Challenges

One Solution


Flexible technology that operates on a wide range of wind speeds



Visual impact

Compact structure

Grid dependency

Feasible microgrid or off-grid set-up

Flexeole Management

PHGD holds a 33.3% equity stake in Flexeole and PHGD Chairman John Crowley is also Chairman of Flexeole.

Jean-Luc Thivolle, the Flexeole Technical Director, is a skilled metal worker and welder.

Jean-Luc is passionate about rotor technology. He’s been restoring helicopters since 1986 and is bringing his aerodynamic rotor knowledge to the project. He’s seeking solutions to use renewable resources to reduce environmental impact.