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In Old Icelandic, “hagrað” meant “wise counsel”.

These days, Hagrað is a team of consultants advising institutions on transformation of their practices towards Earth regeneration.

The Hagrath Vision: Making Peace with the Earth



Hagrað provides clients with a comprehensive approach, from benchmarking the starting point against evidence-informed good practices to designing contextualized regenerative solutions.

Rethinking mobility, waste management and architecture in a city? Reimagining an industrial supply chain to replace unsustainable raw materials with regenerative alternatives? Reshaping rural spaces around regenerative agriculture, decentralized energy and new patterns of employment?

We can help you invent it.

Hagrað’s consulting services are supplemented by on-the-ground training to integrate transformation into institutional reality.

Working with its partner universities and international network of associated consultants, Hagrað offers three levels of training:

  • Short courses introducing, over 1 to 3 days, the concepts and methods of regeneration.
  • In-depth institutional capacity-building, involving 6 3-day interventions over 6 months.
  • Bespoke training for the specific needs of any institution.

Headline Project: the Earth Pass

Despite international commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, there is a fundamental mismatch between financial flows and development needs. Investment migration is a lever to address this problem.

Hagrað has developed the innovative Earth Pass scheme, which mobilizes the notion of jus doni to achieve regeneration by realigning finance with development.

Participant States provide investors with an Earth Pass, granting nationality or residence) conditional on consistency of investor mobility with specified regenerative goals monitored by transparent, certified methods.

Hagrath works closely with Catharsis, which as a non-profit association offers a flexible and intellectually dynamic framework for collaboration with a range of knowledge and action stakeholders.


Hagrath’s international network of knowledge partners also includes the Club of Rome; the Institut Michel Serres, Lyon; the UNESCO BRIDGES programme – Environmental  humanities for resilience; IHEPAT; the World Academy of Arts and Sciences – Global leadership programme.